Our history

Protherm information

  • 1991 - founding - "small series" electric boiler producer in Prague - Zličín
  • 1992 - big boom in electric boiler sales, serial production in Skalice
  • 1993 - network of 853 vendors and service companies in the Czech and Slovak Republics, 65% of electric boiler market
  • 1994 - all earnings invested into development of wall hung gas boiler production
  • 1995 - first exports to Ukraine and Germany (diesel-fired boilers)
  • 1996 - entrance of strategic partner: the group Hepworth - Saunier Duval
  • 1997 - cooperation with wholesalers in the Czech and Slovak Republics expanded, ISO 9001 certificate for boiler production obtained
  • 1998 - fundamental innovations, introduction of TIGER and MEDVEĎ boiler lines
  • 1999 - export to Great Britain begun, CE certified
  • 2000 - large modernization of production facilities, 3 production lines, modern development laboratory, new PANTHER and LEOPARD boiler lines
  • 2001 - new condensing boiler LEV - gold medal at the trade fairs Aquatherm in Prague, in Nitra and Racioenergia in Bratislava, daily record of 732 boilers produced in 2 shifts merger of PROTHERM into Vaillant Group
  • 2002 - introduction of the ProEngineer project design system, international Odyssea project, expansion of production plant to 5 assembly lines
  • 2003 - export of boilers to 24 countries in Europe, Asia and Africa
  • 2004 - expansion of production plant to 7 assembly lines, two shift operation, service network in the Czech and Slovak Republics with 1750 locations
  • 2005 - opening of new branch of manufacturing plant, specialization into floor standing gas and condensing boilers within Vaillant Group, new development lab, new assembly line for surface finishing of tin components, new line of LEV wall hung condensing boilers, innovation in line of TIGER boilers, implementation of new SAP computer system
  • 2006 - production expanded by two assembly lines for floor standing boilers, introduction of two one piece flow production lines for wall hung boilers, innovation in PANTHER boilers, ISO 14001 certificate obtained
  • 2007 - expansion of production to a total of 5 assembly lines for floor standing boilers, production for wall hung boilers fully transferred from classic assembly line to 7 one piece flow lines, new warehouse for finished products with a total area of 7,000 m2, development lab obtains certificate allowing collected data to be accepted by testing institutes, innovation in cast iron boilers MEDVEĎ models KLOM and KLZ, new line of solid-fuel boilers BOBOR
  • 2008 - new version of PANTHER wall hung gas boilers and LEV condensing boilers, the Protherm brand becomes the leader for condensing boilers in the Slovak market
  • 2009 - Protherm ranks the leading position of heating equipment in Eastern Europe and continues to increase exports to Asia
  • 2010 - new PANTHER and GEPARD lines of wall hung gas boilers, new PANTHER CONDENS line of wall hung condensing boilers, innovation in the RAJA line of electric boilers, introduction of solar products to the Slovak market under the name HELIOSET
  • 2011 - the beginning of export condensing boilers
  • 2013 - start of production of flat solar collectors HelioPLAN