6K, 9K, 12K, 14K, 18K, 21K, 24K, 28K

    • Output range from 6 kW to 28 kW
    • HDO switch system
    • Built-in equithermal regulation
    • Prepared for floor heating
  • Ray 6K, 9K, 12K, 14K, 18K, 21K, 24K, 28K

    The new electric boilers in the style of wall hung gas boiler with microprocessor regulation and simple, clear controls. The boiler has a wall hung design with a DHW heating option in an external tank. The control panel enables the display of current values such as heating system temperature and pressure or current boiler output.

    Specifications for RAY boilers:

    • Gradual power switching, not just for switching on the spiral but also for switching it off.
    • Option to reduce the maximum output.
    • Complete set of safety features
    • Settable maximum temperature for heating system water
    • Display of temperature and pressure of heating system water
    • Built-in equithermal regulation - regulating the heating temperature according to the outside temperature
    • Failure diagnostics
    • Built in pump and expansion tank
    • Option for automatically disconnecting the output levels in connection with the load on the home electric mains when using external disconnecting equipment
    • HDO switch system
    • Option to connect to single-phase 230 V mains (only versions 6K and 9K)
    • Prepared for floor heating - emergency thermostat contact for floor heating
    • Two-speed pump with automatic speed switching
    • Frost protection for boiler and, if applicable, external tank

    RAY boiler models:

    • RAY 6K - with output from 1 kW to 6 kW
    • RAY 9K - with output from 1 kW to 9 kW
    • RAY 12K - with output from 2 kW to 12 kW 
    • RAY 14K - with output from 2.3 kW to 14 kW
    • RAY 18K - with output from 2 kW to 18 kW
    • RAY 21K - with output from 2.3 kW to 21 kW
    • RAY 24K - with output from 2 kW to 24 kW
    • RAY 28K - with output from 2.3 kW to 28 kW

Technical parameters

  • Technical parameters

    Electrical voltage (6 - 28 kW) (V)3× 230V/400V + N + PE, 50Hz3× 230V/400V + N + PE, 50Hz3× 230V/400V + N + PE, 50Hz
    Electrical current max. (A)3× 9,5 3× 143× 18,5
    Input power (kW)6912
    Efficiency (%)99,599,599,5
    Max. operational temperature of HW (°C)858585
    Min. / Max. pressure of HW (kPa)505050
    Volume of expansion vessel (l)777
    Boiler operating pressure, min. (kPa)808080
    Boiler operating pressure, max. (kPa)300300300
    Boiler operating pressure, recommended (kPa) 100 - 200100 - 200100 - 200
    Class of electrical protectionIP40IP40IP40
    Heating water connectionG 3/4G 3/4G 3/4
    Filling-in/draining holeG 1/2G 1/2G 1/2
  • Dimensions

    Height x width x depth (mm)740 × 410 × 310  
    Weight (without water) (kg)34  
  • Recommended breaker size and cross-sections

    Output (kW)6912
    Heating bodies quantity and power2x3 kW3kW+6kW2x6kW
    Max. current through one phase (A)9,51418,5
    Max. current at one phase connection (A)2839 
    Circuit breaker nominal current (A)101620
    Nominal current at one phase connection (A)3250 
    Supply wire cross-section – Cu (mm2)1,51,52,5
    Supply wire cross-section – one phase connection - Cu (mm2)610 
  • Watertank

    Real volume of the tank (l)   
    Max. operational pressure for Heating Water (bar)   
    Max. operational pressure for Hot Water (bar)   
    Max. water temperature (°C)   
    Max. temperature of heating water input (°C)   
    Continuous hot water output (l / h (kW))   
    Max. output of hot water (l/10min)   
    Volume of heating spiral (l)   
    Nominal heating medium flow (m3 / h)   
    Pressure drop at nominal flow of heating medium (mbar)   
    Power loss in standby mode [kWh / d]   
    Max. operational tempereture at regular use (°C)   
    Max. operational tempereture at other use (°C)   
    Heating water connection   
    Cold and hot water connection   
    Drain valve and plug   
    Volume of Expansion vessel (l)   
    Surface of heating body in vessel (m2)   
    height / width / depth (mm)   
    Height (mm)   
    Diameter (mm)   
    Weight excluding water (kg)   
  • Additioanl technical parameters for other usage

    Voltage / Frequency (V/Hz)   
    Class of electrical protection cover   
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